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Wine Tasting events that help you learn and build relationships

– both at a professional and personal level.


Growing Client Relationships

Wine Fun with friends

Whether it's team-building or growing client relationships at work, or whether it's just hanging out with a bunch of friends outside of work, group activities are a great way to learn new things and build relationships. How about making the whole experience fun and memorable too?

Our guided wine-tasting sessions are designed to do all of the above. Our expert sommelier conducts many such wine appreciation events and knows how to engage the audience, whether they are newbies or experienced wine lovers.

The group learns a great deal more about wine, while having fun at the same time!

Participants not only experience the wine, but also learn how to appreciate a good wine. All this while having some fun!

Wine varieties, classic wine regions, and the taste profile. Helps people appreciate the wines they buy or drink at a restaurant.

Food & Wine pairing to help them better select wines the next time they are dining or entertaining.

Team activity and interactive sessions like blind tasting challenge and team quizzes

Bonus: All tasting wines available for purchase onsite at special discount prices.

Our event template is flexible. 

It can easily be adapted to suit your needs.


Our friendly, expert sommelier guides the sessions, and is at hand to answer queries. Fun games are included to make these sessions engaging and fun.

An average session lasts 90 to 120 minutes.

Sessions are built around themes like wine regions (Italian Red wines, French Burgundy wines etc.) or even vertical wine tasting (same wine, different vintages). 

Wines are hand-picked from our portfolio of 300+ wine labels depending on the audience, theme and budget.


Events can be arranged for large groups of up to 100, or even smaller groups of 8–10, and everything in between. 

Tasting events for companies are usually held at the company's location following a workday, or at a conference location (if this is a component of a conference), or at one of the recommended outside locations.

A tasting session with friends can be held at home if you have a large enough space, or at an outside venue. Such sessions are popular on Fridays and Saturdays in the early evenings.

Write to us at customerservice@curatedwines.sg or send a message on Whatsapp chat at 88214620 to know more and book a tasting event. 

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