How Our New Collection Can Help You Pick Highly Rated Wines?

Curated Wines

Presenting the most highly rated wines from our catalogue.

Our entire Wine Catalogue is rich and diverse. Our experts handpick the best Red, White and Sparkling wines from boutique and independent wineries in the major wine regions in the world and we offer them at  the best prices in Singapore. 

Now, we are presenting TOP RATED,  a new Collection for those seeking highly rated wines. Each of the over 50 different wines in this Top-Rated Collection is rated 4 or higher on Vivino’s popular 5-star rating scale. Millions of wine lovers the world over use the Vivino app to know more about the wine they drink and then rank them (see reference photo alongside).
These ratings correlate very well with the rankings of reputed wine rating sources like Robert Parker and Wine Enthusiast. Based on extensive studies, a Vivino score of 4 is regarded as equivalent to 90 points rated by the experts. Learn here about Vivino's wine rating system including how its ratings compare to scores from experts.

So if ratings matter to you, go ahead, browse and buy from this Top-Rated Collection - the best of the best! The wines come from various wine-growing regions of the world, are produced from different grape varietals and spread across price points.  Many of these are Fine and Rare Wines that are not easily available. We have access to ready stock and even have special offers on many of them. Enjoy! 

Browse our Collection of Top-Rated Wines below...and buy the wine of your choice today.

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