Why should quality wines cost a fortune?

Curated Wines

That was the question uppermost in our minds when we started off. 

We are, first of all, wine lovers. Years ago, it started with us hunting for good wines, spotting the right ones, negotiating the best deals and finally, imbibing great vino.

Over time, we curated fine wines for our family and friends at prices that surprised them, every time. Now, Curated Wines is open to all wine-lovers and those who seek handpicked, quality wines. 


Handpicked and Low Prices shouldn’t mean just a small list of great wines. We offer you a wide variety of quality Red, White and Sparkling wines catering to different tastes, from the Old World and the New World.

Major Wine Countries

Quality wines from major wine countries: Italy, France, Spain, Australia, New Zealand, Argentina and emerging regions too.

Wide Grape variety

All the popular grapes and wine varietals plus some less-known in Singapore but are already popular elsewhere.

Every Price Point

Quality wines can be found in every price point. We use our expertise and network to hunt for these gems and unearth them.

Why should quality wines cost a fortune? WELL, IT SHOULDN’T. Browse our online store and know for yourself.

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