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Passionately Singaporean | Boutique and Independent wines


We sell ONLY great wine, not groceries or electronics!

Curated Wines is not about us. It’s about you, the customer.

You deserve the choice of high-quality wine suited to your taste and your pocket

Our job is to curate the best wines at every price point. Excellent wine doesn’t always have to cost a fortune. And you shouldn’t have to learn the hard way, gazing at wine walls in stores, to figure out which wine is good and which is not.

That’s where we come in. As wine curators, we select high-quality Red, White, Rose and Sparkling wines from boutique and independent wineries around the world, and make it available to you at the best value. (Sorry, we don’t keep supermarket wines!)

Not just rare & fine wine. We also have top affordable wine that taste expensive!

At Curated Wines, we've got it all: rare and fine wines, plus affordable options that taste luxurious! With expertise from sommeliers, we hunt down top picks across price points, including wallet-friendly gems like our "Under $40" collections. Relax and enjoy—we've got your wine needs covered!

We are wine lovers first, so we think like one!

We are regular folks like you who enjoy a good wine. We are also passionate about learning more about various wine regions and varietals everyday.

Over the last many years, we have had fun spotting good wine, negotiating attractive deals and making it available to friends and family in Singapore. Along the way our “family” has grown to include many more customers who liked what we offered, and have started buying the handpicked wines from our online store.

Our origins of being a wine lover first and not a true-blue wine seller helps us to look at wine the way a customer does!

Like all customers, we love a good deal.

Let’s say, we have a nose for a great deal. So, we look for every opportunity to keep our costs low. We handpick highly-rated wines from boutique and independent wineries and offer to customers at the best value.

We creatively bundle different wines or sell in cases of 4 or 6 bottles. And we keep our own margins low (unusual in Singapore!), so that the price is attractive for you.

With your support, we hope to grow faster. That’s our Win-Win approach!

We deliver, so you don't need to lug the heavy wine bottles!

What good is the wine if you have to physically visit the store and lug all that heavy weight back home?

We deliver the wine you order to your door. For 6 or more bottles, you get Free delivery. Else, you just pay a nominal fee of $10 to cover transport costs.

All you do is sit back, relax and enjoy the wine!

What finally matters is a delightful customer experience.

We have no doubt that good service is at the heart of a memorable customer experience.

That’s why whatever we do must pass the Customer Delight test! The easy-to-use e-store navigation, the checkout process, secure payments, discounts and deals, service chat-box and our ongoing communication via emails and social outreach.

In all of these, our effort is always to make your experience easy, fuss-free and ultimately, delightful.

If these strands about us resonate with you, then you will surely enjoy browsing our store and buying handpicked wines at the best value!

Wide Variety of Wines

Major Wine Countries

Quality wines from major wine countries: Italy, France, Spain, Australia, New Zealand, Argentina and emerging regions too.

Wide Grape variety

All the popular grapes and wine varietals plus some less-known in Singapore but are already popular elsewhere.

Every Price Point

Quality wines can be found in every price point. We use our expertise and network to hunt for these gems and unearth them.