A New, Credible Way of Rating Wines

As the season of celebration nears, the last thing you have time for is endless research on what wines to serve or bring to your holiday events. That’s where Vivino comes in - a five star wine rating system based on the opinions of people like you who have bought and tasted the wines you’re considering. Our community of millions of wine lovers really knows their stuff, and is passionate about sharing their knowledge. Learn about Vivino's wine rating system including how our ratings compare to scores from experts like Robert Parker and Wine Enthusiast.

While wine experts have traditionally used a 100-point scoring system, in which 90+ point wines are superior wines and 95+ point wines are extraordinary, Vivino uses a 5-star rating system in which users can rate any wine 1 - 5 stars. This kind of rating system is familiar to consumers as it is commonly used across user-generated websites and apps, popularized by companies like Amazon, TripAdvisor and more. When Vivino was founded, this was the system that resonated best with wine drinkers around the globe.

We have heard the question time and time again - can wine ratings from a collective community of wine drinkers themselves really work? We of course knew the answer but wanted to have quantitative backing. We looked at more than 100,000 expert ratings and analyzed how they compare to Vivino ratings - what we found is a 4.0 Vivino rating correlates with a 90 point expert rating. Here’s how Robert Parker, Wine Enthusiast and other critic ratings compare to Vivino ratings, collectively.

Unlike many wine review sites and critic ratings, Vivino ratings are based solely on the ratings of the crowd - wine drinkers just like you - and are never increased or decreased by advertising, sponsorship, or other factors.

We love reading what experts think of wines, but we think our community’s ratings do them one better. That’s because out of all the world-class wines in the world, only about 20 percent have an expert rating. By comparison, the vast majority of the world’s wines have been rated on Vivino and new wines are added every single day.

Another advantage our ratings have is that our community members are honest, sometimes brutally so, with their ratings. Many experts opt not to publish poor ratings, assuming that wines that are lacking will eventually take themselves out of the running. But with Vivino, you’ll find a wide range of ratings, letting you know what you can buy with confidence and what wine might not be the best fit.

Insider tip: Right now, the average Vivino rating is a 3.6. That means any wine you get with that rating is going to be a nice, everyday wine. Wines that are rated 4.0 are less common, as they are ranked better than 85 percent of the 9.5 million wines in the Vivino database. Wines rated 4.5 are even more extraordinary, as they are better than 99 percent of the wines you see on Vivino. A rating above 4.5 means you’ve found something truly rare and special.


Source: https://www.vivino.com/wine-news/vivino-5-star-rating-system