Puchang Rkatsiteli 2017, China ORGANIC VEGAN

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Region : China

Product Type : Rkatsiteli, Reisling

Vintage : 2017
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Puchang Rkatsiteli 2017, China ORGANIC VEGAN is a rich White Wine from China's Turpan Valley in Xinjiang is made from 65% Rkatsiteli and 35% Riesling grapes, and has 14% alcohol content. It is a completely Natural Wine, Certified Organic and Vegan Friendly.

Puchang winery focuses on organic viticulture and winemaking with unwavering dedication and care under quality management.

Grapes are watered naturally with melting snow from Tian Shan Mountain. Untouched by men and free from pollution, it channels through the underground Karez water system to their vineyards, keeping the water source naturally pure.

Brilliant straw yellow color with amber notes.

Attractive aroma of white fruits such as peach, pear and touch of coconut note.

Round and complex, has refreshing acidity and light minerality with a hint of orange peel. Very long finish.