3 Reasons Why You Should Buy Wine Online and Have It Home Delivered!

Curated Wines

Everyone is now shopping online. For almost everything. While many people were already shopping online, the pandemic restrictions over the last 2 years forced many others to join the online shopping bandwagon.

There are 3 good reasons to shop online, especially for wine!


First, it is so much more convenient to shop sitting in front of your screen at a time most convenient to you, it’s also fuss-free. You don’t need to be hustled into deciding something white in the shop because you need to take that bus or train back home. Or because you want to avoid the long lines that start forming at the supermarket cashier’s just when you are ready to check out!


Secondly, wines online tend to be usually better priced because online retailers don’t have to operate a physical store from expensive real estate. With a lower expense base, online retailers can pass off the expense savings to the customer who pays less for the wine.


When it comes to buying wine, there’s another reason why online shopping is fast becoming the preferred option – the bulk of wine bottles. Each bottle of wine weighs more than a kg, so if you buy 4 bottles, that’s almost 5 kgs. If you buy 6, that’s more than 7 kgs. While lifting weights in a gym is a good way to strengthen your muscles, you don’t want to be working out, lugging those wine bottles when you are out for shopping.

So, leave that to folks who are used to carrying the heavy packages professionally or may have the trolley when required. Much better you order the wine online and relax. The delivery just happens without you having to lug weights or worrying about it.   
Remember the next time you want to replenish your wine stock, just log in to Curated Wines online store and buy handpicked wines at the best prices.  Any wine you buy from Curated Wines will be delivered to the address you specify. 

Orders are delivered on weekdays, usually within 2 business days of your order. Our delivery team gets in touch with you to inform the delivery schedule once you complete your purchase.

When you buy 6 bottles, Curated Wines delivers the wine case FREE.

For orders of fewer than 6 bottles, a nominal delivery fee of $10 is charged during checkout to cover transport charges. Considering the taxi charge you save besides the hassle of lugging the weight, you will agree this nominal amount is so worthwhile. Beware of many other wine stores who increase the wine price and then offer you free delivery even if less than 6 bottles. Curated Wines is transparent about its pricing: our wine prices are among the best in Singapore, and a $10 delivery fee is charged merely to cover the transport fees.

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