Domaine De La Cadette Vezelay La Chatelaine

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Region : Beaujolais, France

Product Type : Chardonnay

Vintage : 2022
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Experience the exclusive taste of Domaine De La Cadette Vezelay La Chatelaine, a low sulphur Chardonnay from the rare north western burgundy appellation Vezelay.

Savor the delicate flavors of clover honey, white currants, cream, and yoghurt, balanced by a touch of cooked apples and a refreshing acidity. This super fresh wine unlocks a new level of luxury, inspired by the Burgundian historical terroir of Vézelay and crafted with organic principles.

Hand-picked and carefully composed to reflect the unique soil, topography, grape varieties, and microbial life of the region, each sip is a true testament to the winegrower's artistry. Discover the wines of La Cadette, encompassing two estates - La Cadette and Montanet Thoden - and a vinification business - La Soeur Cadette.