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Take your pick from Zero-Sugar, Organic, Vegan and Low-Cal Wines

More and more people everywhere are taking to the Wellness way of life in recent years. Reducing the intake of carbs, calories and sugar is the mantra that drives them. For those committed to Wellness, it goes well beyond what they eat and drink: in the exercise regimen, in meditation and yoga, in the dieting routines and now, even in the wines they drink.


The Wellness wine trend has certainly caught on and there are increasing number of wineries that have begun to offer wines that cater to this trend. So, consumers can now buy a whole range of wines that can be termed Wellness wines.


It’s with this trend in mind that CURATED WINES now offer wines that are aligned to the consumer’s wellness lifestyle, including Organic and Vegan wines as well as low-calorie and zero-sugar wines.


We are doubly pleased that many of these Wellness wines are being made by wineries in regions that are considered "emerging" regions in the wine world. Like Georgia, Slovenia, China and even Singapore!


Not surprising that these wineries are more willing to experiment with new techniques and non-traditional production processes to make wines that are not just great to taste but also more aligned to the wellness lifestyle. 


Check out the following wines in the Wellness Wines Collection in our online store. Do share this blog with your friends who practice such a lifestyle.

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