Personalise your mixed case and save big!


With CreateYourOwnCase, you select only the wines you like in quantities you want.

It lets you build your personalised mixed case of 6 and 12 bottles, customised to your own taste. 

Not just that. CreateYourOwnCase lets you enjoy Extra savings, on top of the saving on an individual bottle.

  • Buy a mixed case of 6, get EXTRA saving: 5%
  • Buy a mixed case of 12, get EXTRA saving: 8%
  • Every mixed case is delivered FREE to your doorstep.

Pick and choose from SIX cellars, each from a major wine region. Each Cellar collection is curated by sommeliers and winery reps. Mix and match red, white and sparkling wines.
Cook up your own combo: decide how many of which you want. Mix premium, special-occasion wines with everyday wines.

Given below are the wines in Member Cellar ONE. 

Click here to explore wines in all the Member Cellars ONE to SIX. 

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Showing 14 of 14 products


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